I want to be able to use the LCD flatscreen TV with my notebook (preferably wirelessly) but with some functionality missing on some components it is a bit of a challenge.  I think I have it sussed but then get confused again!

Current Hardware:

  1. Samsung 40" HD TV.  BUT, this model only has 1 x USB, 1xHDMI and normal signal input.
  2. Sony Bluray DVD player with 1 x internet port and 1 x usb port
  3. Old Notebook computer without an HDMI port. (I know ideally I should replace this but $$ are tight)
  4. Whole house is Cat 5 cabled so there is Cabling in the lounge 
  5. Dlink wireless router in lounge so signal is excellent
  6. Also, have new Mini/MIcro LG HiFi System with ipod dock, usb input, hdmi out etc,

Current setup:

I have a network cable plugged into DVD, and HDMI from DVD to TV.
I purchased a smart 1 to 3 HDMI cable to give me more HDMI inputs to TV. (This is good, it switches from DVD to HiFi seamlessly) - purchased from Rapallo

How can I better use the components I have:

a)  If using notebook to TV via cable
b)  If using notebook to TV via wireless.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated.