Hi All,

I am looking at putting a tuner card into my PC, primarily for PVR functionality.

Has anyone used the AVerTV DVB-S Pro card and associated AverTV application ?

This software looks like it is mainly for viewing / recording etc on the PC - eg dialog boxes etc. I intend to connect the svideo from my graphics card to my TV & therefore need MythTV or MCE type functionality. Not that clued up with Linux so may prefer a windows based program. If I go with a different program will the remote control that comes with this card still work ?

The specs for this card state that it will handle HDTV, but not sure when this will become relevant in NZ.

Wake up from S3/S4 mode - I presume this allows the card to turn the machine on at a certain time, record stuff & then shut down ?

Also requires a fairly high end PC - (Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz for TimeShift and Record in MPEG-2) etc, although this is the stated requirment will it work on a lower end machine (P4 1.3Ghz) ?

Does anyone have experience with other cards that may be more suitable for what I am trying to do ?

Any advice welcome as I am new to this subject.