Hi There

Couple of questions related to various single box blu ray home theater machine.

(1) Apart from Panasonic brand home theater, is there another brand which allows the user to take it to a service agent to convert the machine to a zone free DVD machine, as I do have many zone 1 DVD at home.

(2) Almost all blu ray home theater machine can convert 2D to 3D picture. Can I watch the converted 3D picture on my regular flat panel ?

(3) If (2) above is applicable, then I pressume I would need 3D glasses to watch it, and do I need to buy the same brand 3D glasses for it?

(4) If (2 and 3) above are applicable. In the case of LG 3D technology, I understand that you can use normal cinema 3D glasses to view the 3D signal, and these are dirt cheap.

(5) I am interested in a home theater which allows you to go onto internet too - LG Smart, Samsung smart hub, Panasonic smart Viera, and Sony entertainment hub. Which is the most user friendly? and is the service free?

(6) Last but not least, are there any sub $500 bracket machine with build in wi fi feature?

Many Thanks to fellow geeks.