Hi there

I am a relative newbie to putting together a basic home audio setup so please point out anything I mention below that doesn't make sense :)

I am trying to find either an amp or an AV receiver to fit between my LG TV, a Raspberry Pi running XBMC and a set of Monitor Audio Radius 45 wall mounted speakers. Note I will also have 2 L/R speakers which I'm yet to source. I'm considering 2 setups:

1. The Pi connects to the tele via HDMI which connects to a receiver/amp using an optical connection
2. The Pi connects to the receiver which connects to the tele using HDMI the whole way

As well as handling AV sound I'm hoping to find a receiver or Amp that has:

1. A tuner built-in
2. At least 4 speaker connections
3. A small footprint ideally around 200 - 300mm

So far I've been alternating between a second hand AV receiver which would handle 1 + 2 but are mostly around 400mm vs a mini system which would handle 1 + 3 but normally has just 2 channels.

Any suggestions on products that might fit what I'm after would be great. Maybe the closest I have found so far is the Marantz MCR603 which looks great but is a bit too rich for my budget.

Thanks in advance for your comments!