I've had a 37" 720p TV for the last 7 years, want to upgrade now, maybe even today while NL still has 20% off TVs. I've read some other posts, but there are a few new TVs out there now.
I think 4K or UHD would be wasted, I'll probably just keep the PC connected to the TV and a bit of Freeview. I'd quite like a Plex app though (use Kodi now), I think only the Sonys with Android and Samsungs currently offer it, might be on LG's WebOS 2.0 or Panasonic's FirefoxOS one day.

There are a few contenders, but very open to suggestions, can't seem to find any good sounding Samsungs around $1500. Leaning towards the LG 49" FHD at the moment, but can't find much info about it.

LG 49" Full High Definition Smart LED 49LF631V $1249 

LG 49" Ultra High Definition Smart LED 49UF770V $1455 

Sony 48" Full High Definition SMART LED KDL48W700C $1199 

Sony 50" Full High Definition 3D Smart LED with Android TV KDL-50W800C $1599

Panasonic 50" Full High Definition Smart LED TH-50CS650Z $1399

Panasonic 50" Ultra High Definition 3D Smart LED TH-50CX700Z $1599