We're about to start building a new house which is a good excuse to get a new TV. I haven't been in the TV market for some time so I'm not really up with the play. I'm after something in the 55in size range, and the main thing is that is has to be good for watching sport/fast moving objects on as the ghosting really frustrates me.




I popped in to Noel Leeming today and I was told to look for something with 200hz to reduce the ghosting which makes sense, and I was then shown the Sony KD-55X8500D. I was told that the Samsung UA55KU7000SXNZ would also be a good option. Now that I'm home and I've had a chance to look at the specs on the Noel Leeming website both are showing as being 100hz rather than 200hz. In the real world is that a problem or will either TV still be fine? 




The other option is the Panasonic TH-58DX740U which does seem to be 200hz, but they didn't have this model in stock.


Can anyone lend me a hand and let me know if I should be looking at one model over another, or not looking at one or more of these models? They are all about the same price at the moment so that's not a huge issue. 




It will be used with a Bose Lifestyle system so the sound of the TV's isn't important. We have young kids who will likely use the NetFlix/Youtube options in case this effects which TV would should go for.




So the options are below (unless there is something else I should be looking at?)




Panasonic 58" Ultra HD 4K HDR Smart LED TH-58DX740U $2,876


Sony 55" Ultra HD 4K HDR Android Smart LED KD-55X8500D $2,824


Samsung 55" Ultra HD 4K HDR Smart LED UA55KU7000SXNZ $2,748