I have been looking for some workable and reasonably priced all-region blu ray player and found one such discussion thread on this forum last year (but topic locked now)


If anyone is still looking for the same I would like to share what I have found - LASER BLU-BD3000 Blu-Ray Player Multi Region HDMI Digital 7.1, with LAN for DLNA


I have ordered one on Tuesday and it got delivered yesterday!  I'm yet to receive a few Region A/1 blu ray movies from the US so will try them out once they arrive and let you know how it performs.


I hooked the player to my home theatre system via HDMI cable and tried some regions B/2 discs; picture and sound are all great.


Reading the manual, I find the only thing is that before you insert your disc you have to go to the setting to choose the region to play first.  However I bought this player simply to use on all Region A/1 discs so only need to do this once.




Hope this might be of some help to people looking for the same.