I am looking at the this board as a replacement for my failed s939 MSI one. Anyone know if this is a good purchase?


My thoughts are for an AMD Athlon X2 BE-2350 CPU & this board. As this is an unplanned expenditure I'm not looking to spend large amounts but I want a system that is sustainable longer than the s939, in case a similar issue occurs.

When I first purchased I was lead to believe it would be viable platform for more than three years. I bet these IT manufacturers would be ****ed if they couldn't get parts for their new Ferrari or Merc after only three years.

It needs the following requirements:

-full resume from S3/S4 hibernate mode using MS remote or cordless keyboard
-is this an am2+ CPU? If so, what impact will the downgraded system bus speed (by installing an AM2+) have on an HTPC? Thanks.