Hey peeps, I'll share a tip if I may..... don't let your HTPC run out of disk space whilst recording.

Last night whilst flogging the old MP with 3 concurrent recordings and a playback (oh yeah even on my machine) the live broadcast stalled and nothing would bring it back on, even a reboot.  Out of mild curiousity I had a quick look at the logs and noticed in the status bar that the disk space on my system drive was at zero, zip zilch!  I had been filled up like a punter at Cobb & Co.

The reason was simple enough; the day previously I had updated my nForce & graphics drivers with the latest (as one does) and it had caused MP to see the tuners as new resulting in a doubling up of tuner configs BUT more importantly a resetting of the default recording locations for the newly recognised cards.

Consequently I had filled the 17Gb of system drive in a couple of hours and run dry.

I had hoped that freeing up some space would resolve the problem but no.  For some reason MP had started throwing a .Net error serious enough that actually blowing MP away, reinstalling and reconfiguring was quicker.

Now I might go away and set the Disk Quota stuff up in Media Portal.