LG smart TV not connecting with Yamaha RX-840 now?
I have a LG 55LA 6230 bought 2013 and I had a problem with an Red Bull app not working contacted LG through their chat, and they advised resetting TV which I did and the app worked.
But ever since that time I'm unable to get my Yamaha surround sound working again before all this, it was just pause video play back on LG TV turn on Yamaha on AV1 and it start video again and the surround sound all worked and you could adjust the surround sound via LG remote.
I have tried several times to alter sound settings via LG TV with the drop down list HDMI and Optical and nothing works. So when I alter it to play via HDMI or Optical just shows speaker greyed out and no sound so have to revert back to TV sound.
Where is the problem occurring with LG or Yamaha any one any idea's?