I need an amplifier to connect speakers to my PC. Preferably something that can fit within a space of 230mm wide (the area under the computer desk).

Currently I have been using (past 5 years or so) a pioneer car amp screwed to the underside of my computer desk powered by a spare rail from a silverstone PSU on the computer (controlled with a push button switch through the spare floppy drive faceplate) which has worked well mainly because the PSU puts out a decent amount of amps on the 12v line about the only thing I cant do is bridge channels as the amp starts clipping (I could have solved this with an external PSU say from a HAM radio, and a relay but it wasnt ever an issue I didnt need the extra volume).

I want to upgrade from using speakers which are from a stereo (they are getting on in age now) to something a little better, and while I'm at I will need a proper amplifier not something from a car problem is most home theatre amps seem to be big buggers.

Can anyone recommend something small enough? I'm only really wanting something capable of 2.1 channels (the sub is powered) though if it can do more for future expansion that would be great.