My projector is at the back of the room, my sonos playbar is at the front.  A pretty typical setup I thought.


So I can plug in a amazon fire tv, or android tv box directly into the projector and connect the hdmi that way.  If i do that, I need to send 5.1/optical (optical output) audio to the soundbar wirelessly.  


Or I could put the fire tv/android tv next to the playbar, connect optical audio directly there and then need to send 1080p wirelessly to the projector.


2 options, trying to find a device to do either one.  Theres a ton of wireless hdmi receivers/transmitters, I have a belkin one (its rubbish keeps disconnecting, had to lower it to 720p/50hz).  


Best wireless hdmi i found is this one


Powered by USB, running on 60Ghz range, so shouldnt have much interference.... 


Option 2, I've only found this thing


About the same price as wireless HDMI.


Now I would of thought wireless 5.1 would have been a lot easier to send, way less data, but cant really find much.  


I dont want to cut up the ceiling/walls to run cable (2 story house, this is the ground level, so no roof access, floor is concrete, so no floor access).   It only has to travel 5m in the same room, so I would of thought it would of been easy but my belkin one makes me question it.  


So what would you guys recommend???