Hi All,

I am setting up a HT system in our smallish lounge. Have had a 5.1 Sony system for years and time to upgrade to a decent receiver and speaker setup. I am new to this so keen for suggestions! I have been researching on-line.

We are in the Deep South so limited ability to see and hear a wide range in action. We are about an hr out of Dunedin.

Smallish lounge so thinkin 5.1 instead of 7.1.

Room is about 5m by 5m and about 3.5m high - 100 yr+ house so it is an oldie...

Keen on a Yamaha Adventage receiver - maybe 2000 series as don’t need extreme power with smaller room. Denon looks interesting but not sure how they stack up.

Want some decent speakers - like the reviews of the Polk signature series, any other suggestions?

Projector or large TV? The mrs is keen on the tv rather than projector but keen to hear what others thing. Have a 46 inch Sony atm, but thinking 70 or so for the setup if we go tv or projector and keep the 46 inch.