This might be in the wrong forum. Sorry in advance.

I have been looking at a network projector for our office. We develop a hosted web solution so we want to be able to throw up screens from many different sources to monitor the status of our servers, etc, as well as log in to our web product to keep an eye on its performance.

I have been demo-ing a Panasonic FW100NTEA which supports 720p and has WiFi and 100Mbit LAN. It can show a thumbnail grid of up to 16 sources at a time. I have found the projector hardware itself to be very good quality, and easy to use / configure via the remote.

However, the Panasonic projector client software is rubbish quite frankly. It requires a lot of voodoo and coaxing to get it working, then after a reboot needs to be set up all over again. I draw the line at when even our more savvy users cannot get the software working reliably.

Also, FYI we don't plan on streaming video over the network connection - already found out how painful that can be!

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good network capable projector that has a nice user-friendly interface? I would prefer a wired LAN connection over WiFi. The thumbnail feature mentioned above is also very high on the requirements list.