Well I installed the Leadtek PX9600GT into my Shuttle, and it's just too loud to be used as a HTPC.

So looking around now for other cards that fit the criteria I need.

-Fits in the shuttle, max dimensions for card are about the same as the Leadtek PX9600GT 11.12 x 22.86 x 3.15 cm,
may have more room on the back of the card towards the Nova 500 T PCI.

-Single slot Geforce 8600/9600GT 256/512MB with HDMI out either with a DVI to HDMI converter or native.
-Passive heatsink cooler,  no active fan, which fits in the PCI-E slot in the Shuttle.
-HDCP and Pure video HD capable. Hardware acceleration for decoding H.264
-SPDIF header input on the card, so it can combine the video and sound and deliver via HDMI

Im having difficulty finding cards that fit this criteria in NZ, there are some available but the distributors don't seem to bring them in NZ?

Sparkle seem to have a few.

Sparkle GeForce 9600 GT Series - SF-PX96GT512D3-HM Cool-pipe
(Called Protac the dist, they dont bring it in)

GeForce 8600 GTS Series - SF-PX86GTS256D3-HM Cool-pipe II 
(Protac the dist, they dont bring it in)

Sparkle 8600 GT Series - SF-PX86GT512U2-HM Passive 
(Protac the dist, they dont bring it in)

Gainward Bliss 8600 GT 512MB HDMI SilentFX - Theres also a 256MB one.

WinFast PX8600 GT TDH - HeatPipe Version.  (Rang iway the Dist, they dont bring it in)