Couple of thoughts on my next upgrades and would appreciate the collective thoughts...

1. Projector or TV

I have both already but neither is 4k or HDR both limited to 1080. With new TV prices dropping am I better spending my cash on a new 60” tv or replace my Benq 1080 with a new sub $2k 4k ? We use mainly sky and Netflix on tv and movies or great doco content on big screen. I have 55” series 8 Samsung from about 2013 /14 which is still pretty solid in terms of picture and sound.

2. Cables.

I had some early issues running long run hdmi (15m) and experienced some handshake issues and lip sync errors. To overcome this I use a wifi adapter for the projector ( it sits under our lounge table at the moment) and the source and receiver are in the hall cupboard. Would active cabling or simply long run high speed improve this? Also I understand that I probably can’t stream 4k over wifi anymore as the bandwidth is not there on home wifi. Which means I’m going to have to hardline connect the projector to the source. Which leads me to...

3. Ceiling mount.

This has been at the back of my mind for a while and would like to use a projector lift in the ceiling but don’t want to break the bank in buying a unit for thousands of dollars when I can see stuff on amazon for under 500 ! NZ is really annoying at times...does anyone have any good affordable solutions? This would make my cabling and wife a lot happier !