Hi everyone and thank you in advance for your time!

Im really wanting a 32 inch W series Full HD tv, but is it worth the 2 grand?  I dont have much money, and its an important purchase for me, it will be my first HD tv.  My father would also like one and is interested to know if we will get a deal for buying two of them from harvey norman etc since they offered to beat a price on my DSCF717 sony camera a few years back :P  I have my heart set on this tv.

I see its full 1080P, told you cant see the difference between than and lesser formats at 32 inch size but I will KNOW that its 1080P lol!

Im a bit nervous about contrast/refresh rates etc not being quite right, reading about looking for "blur" etc.  I havnt seen the tvs in the metal much.  Im going to do some instore research on them soon.

Id like to hear from anyone who has one (or two!) and if they think that they are good tvs.  Im excited about the Freeview HD decoder BUILTIN, very smart idea  I think.

The TV is for my bedroom, to be used with my PS3.  I currently have a Samsung 21 inch CRT, and use rabbit ears! LOL LOL LOL so I expect a fair difference..... :P

Also live in Invercargill and am not sure if Freeview HD is here, if its not will the tv get normal freeview or will it....eep, go right back to analogue broadcasts?  That sounds terrible if true.

Are the remote menus good? Im used to XMB having a PS3 and PSP, but what about the menus that come up when you change channel etc?

Im really cautious about this kind of purchase.  Any comments will be really appreciated!

Thank you for reading!