so, i have sky digital, a "pace dsr600" box

the TV SCART goes straight into the TV, and works fine.

the VCR SCART we use a SCART to RCA (single input) adapter for xbox/ps3/dvd player.... basicly an AUX channel which we get video and audio perfectly into the TV (on sky channel 199).

we have the RCA audio output going to the stereo. This is works fine for both the SKY and the AUX.

we have the RCA video output going to our projector. This works fine for SKY only. No AUX signal.

is this a common problem? as a workaround i use a female-female barrel connector to get the ps3/xbox/dvd signal to the projector RCA.... but this is a pain when switching between sky and AUX

any input would be great, i dont understand that the AUX video will go to the TV through SCART, but not through RCA.