Originally when I bought my HT gear I was intending to just screw the bare wire into the binding posts.  Mostly because the Hifi shop was charging $8 or something for each banana plug and I figured I needed 32 for all the speakers (bi-amped fronts, bi-wired rears plus center) and I didn't really want to spend over $200 just to terminate the wire.

Anyway, now I'm thinking I should at least do the amp side, to make it easier to plug/unplug etc.  Speakers are relatively easy to get to, but not so the back of the amp.  So now I think I might just buy 10 or 14 bananas for the amp side.   I saw these on trademe.


Has anyone had any experience with them?  Or know another source of reasonable screw on banana plugs?  (I'm assuming screw on means I put the cable and screw the plug down onto it, rather than having to crimp/solder).

Also, I'm thinking about running a second zone outside (and/or in the kitchen/dining) from my amp from the 2 spare channels (it's 7.1 and I'm only running 5.1).  Any opinions on the maximum length run of speaker wire?  I guess it might be 15m-20m from the amp to where I'd want to have my outdoor speakers.  Too far?  I might be able to pull it back a bit, but can't see it being less than 15m.  I could run the second zone to the kitchen/dining (much closer) but then I'd also need a separate amplifier to power the outdoor speakers (run off the Zone 2 preout).  Any suggestions for that?  Actually, my amp (Denon 2308) has 9 speaker outputs, perhaps I could run the kitchen/dining as speaker B (switchable between A or B) and run the outdoor ones off the amp assignable Zone 2.  Then I wouldn't need a separate amp at all and could play either the lounge or the kitchen and simultaneously the outdoors.  I suppose that would work?