Hi im a little stuck with my dvd recorder the problem is my HDD has died and the warranty has run out so what I have done is purchased a 300gb western digital HDD which is a WD3200JB but found out by sony that the unit is only suitable for taking its original HDD amount. so I purchased the same as what was in it a 250gb western digital HDD model code is WD2500JB. Just before I installed this one I put the original HDD back in and for some strange reason it worked but as I was reassembling after testing it I damaged the ribbin cable running from the Hdd to the main board which really finished it off complety. So got bak on to sony who put me onto the wholesaler for there replacement parts so I could purchase a new ribbon cable. Just so you know sony or the wholesaler will not give me information on how to repair it as this is for there appointed repairers to carry out which in return are not much help either as they way $$ first and minimum of 4 weeks before they even look at it. The only thing sony did say was to try the format function so I installed the new HDD and the system said HDD error when loading i pressed the HDD button for 10 seconds which then came up with the formatting txt on the unit but still no luck. A few days later I ended up selling both my HDDs to different friends because I just gave up but now have decide to try again and have purchased a new HDD a western digital WD2500BB model can anyone help me with my little delima.