Hi is anyone here using the current version of GBPVR with Sky digital box ?? if so would you be willing to help me out with getting this setup ??

My config

Vista Ultimate
PVR150MCE with sky coming in through the RCA via Scart

I start the GBPVR config click Capture Sources tab and set up a new capture source as follows

Source name = TV
Recording Source = Analog Recording Source
EPG = None
Channel Changer = MCE 2005 Blaster Plugin

Settings for Recording Source

Capture Card Type = PVR150MCE (Devices in this machine ticked)
Country = New Zealand
Board Number =Capture Device #1
Source = (I dont know what to use here)

And that where im up too with GBPVR, I have tried all the diffrent Source options but I cant get a picture in GBPVR, if some ones willing to help that would be great, also what do you use for getting a working SKY EPG ??

Just on s a side note I have sky working fine in Vista MCE, the reason for a move to GBPVR is I have had a FreeviewHD arial installed and put a HVR2200 in my machine so I need to move to a single media solution. I have managed to get the HVR2200 working in GBPVR so thats not a promblem.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer me.

Just a quick edit here would a better option be for me to get a Scart to Svideo cable and put my Sky imput through the HVR2200 svideo connector, if so how would I get Sky setup in to GBVR using this option ??