Not sure if this is the forum is the best fit for this topic, but best I could find (not that I looked very hard!)

I have a video file .mov that was created by Final Cut Pro on an apple. It is using a codec called HDV3. I cannot view this file with WMP, VLC or even Quicktime, the only software I've found that can open it is  Mplayer - and even then it gets weird blocky artifacts.
HDV3 is a High Definition format from Apple. I've checked with the Apple site and the only way to view it is to get the 'Apple Intermediate Codec' - however, even this can't be installed unless you have a Macintosh with  iLife or FCP.
I've seen forums where even Apple users can't view this format - and they reckon it has to be converted using Windows tools (next time a smarmy apple user tells me how good and wonderful Apple is...)

So does anyone have any practical experience with converting this format to a format usable by Windows - without any loss of quality or distortion? (I need to be able to load it up into Premiere Pro - and Adobe (seems to) use Quicktime as it's codec source - for some weird reason...)

BTW Apple seems to be the new Microsoft - making sure they have all sorts of proprietary formats that only those with Apple Hardware who have purchased the right Apple software can use.