Hi there, I have just rebuilt my bedroom media pc and am very happy with it. However there is one niggling problem and that is that although I can play HD-DVDs and Bluray movies, the optical signal that goes to my amp is not accepted as a DTS signal, and so I get no sound from those. I'm using an optical spdif straight off my motherboard going into a Panasonic SA-DT310 amp. Information on the net seems scarce but I fear the only DTS signal this amp likes is the one from the bundled dvd player.

So now I'm thinking it could be better to simply take an analog signal from the motherboard into some el cheapo surround system like one of the 5.1's from Logitech.

Will this work ok for dts signals? I assume this way all the DA conversion occurs in the computer and I should get nice 5.1 from all sources.. am I right? Seems like a nice cheap solution rather than going to the expense of buying a new amp.

Appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.