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Master Geek

# 26274 16-Sep-2008 22:27
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Well, I've joined the fraternity!  I now have a shiny new HTPC sitting on my desk in the office.  I'm about to take it all home, but I have to post before I go...

Maybe I'm just thick, but I can't figure out how to get my Logitech Harmony 525 remote working with MediaPortal.

I think the answer to the problem is to get the Harmony 525 to pretend that it is an MCE remote, and confirgure MP to expect an MCE.  However, blowed if I can figure out how to make the 525 pretent to be an MCE!?  I've been trawling posts, and sites, trying to figure this out - but I have no joy :(.

Note: I expect to set up the remote to control my TV, Sound system, and MediaPortal.

The remote talks to my copmuter /case fine.  I'm running a Silverstone LC-16M, and iMon v 6.20.830, and I've told it not to do any updates.

Thanks in advance!

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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  # 165023 17-Sep-2008 09:44
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I don't use the iMon system but I do use a Harmony Universal Remote to operate MediaPortal in my HTPC. 
I set up devices on the Harmony for a Hauppauge PVR and a Microsoft Media Center and then used those to form the foundation of the macros that the harmony website sets up.
I found that the Hauppauge PVR codes worked with MediaPortal Hauppauge Remote settings and the MCE codes worked with MediaPortal MCE Remote settings.

Once again I'm unsure where iMon fits into the equation.

Areas of Geek interest: Home Theatre, HTPC, Android Tablets & Phones, iProducts.

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Uber Geek

  # 165035 17-Sep-2008 10:50
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I was told that you just plug the Harmony into the computer using the USB cable.  Then with the logitech software it automatically logs into the internet and downloads and installs the MCE remote commands into the 525.

HTPC / Home automation (home assistant) enthusiast.


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Master Geek

  # 165078 17-Sep-2008 12:57
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This may help?


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Uber Geek

  # 165114 17-Sep-2008 16:51
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By logging into your Harmony remote account and adding a new device with the name of 'LC-16M' it should have a database of keys that will work with the iMon VFD on the case.

It will have then set all the default windows keys to work but you'll need to also add a Mediaportal configuration in the iMon monitor software. There are Mediaportal.imo files floating about the internet/geekzone/Mediaportal forums so go grab one of them and add it as a configuration and you'll be 90% of the way there to get it going.

There are a bunch of how-to guides on the Mediaportal forums for setting it all up 100% properly in the iMon software (sorry i'm too busy here in the office to find them right now but they're there)

Hope that clears something up.

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Master Geek

  # 165147 17-Sep-2008 18:43
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Ahhhhhhh.... that explains it!  You set up the mediaPortal stuff in iMon - not in the Harmony s/w... sweet.  I'll do my research, and let you know how I get on.

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Uber Geek

  # 165166 17-Sep-2008 20:20
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Edwood just check my other post for setting up silverstone lc16-m it includes a .imo file
i have to update the guide tho i found out one of the buttons was incorrectly mapped and i have since tweaked the front buttons to perform better shortcuts.

HTPC / Home automation (home assistant) enthusiast.

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Master Geek

  # 165181 17-Sep-2008 20:48
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OK... I've downloaded 3 other .imo files already... but I'll grab yours too... Ive been referring to your post, but i realised you were using a different remote (ie. you using PAD, me using Harmony)...

Does the .imo file know / care which remote you are using?



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Master Geek

  # 165211 17-Sep-2008 22:19
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OK, I desperately need to go to sleep.

I've had some small success, but:

[1] - I cant get a 'plugin' option to show up in frontview. Do I have to enable 'plugins' somewhere in iMON? Weird.

[2] - When I click the main 'ok' button on my remote, whilst in mediaportal, it does nothing. I can scroll through the menus etc, but when I click on OK, it does nothing. (it should perform same function as ENTER).

Brain tired... back tomorrow.


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Uber Geek

  # 165252 18-Sep-2008 08:33
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Edwood: OK... I've downloaded 3 other .imo files already... but I'll grab yours too... Ive been referring to your post, but i realised you were using a different remote (ie. you using PAD, me using Harmony)...

Does the .imo file know / care which remote you are using?

What you are doing with the Harmony software is making your harmony remote APPEAR as an iMon PAD remote. So as far as the iMon software knows, your Harmony remote is an iMon PAD remote. The steps to get it going are exactly the same as the PAD except you might need to map a few keys differently to your pleasure in the Harmony software.

It's a long and tedious process but trust me, the outcome is well worth it. My Harmony 785 runs Mediaportal, a Marantz amplifier, Sony CD player, the TV, and the Xbox. All in one remote. Very handy.

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Master Geek

  # 165284 18-Sep-2008 10:25
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Thanks Disrespective... the notion that the Harmony is pretending to be a PAD remote hit me last night when I had to change a config back to expect a PAD remote (after trying MCE for a while)... Its nice to hear it confirmed.

OK, it's good news to hear that you have your Harmony controlling everything... clearly, I can have what you've got :).

I'm not up to speed on how, exactly to map keys to functions, and create macros etc, but I'll have another play tonight and see how far I can get.  I'll take home the idea that I need to "Map some keys in the Harmony s/w".  I keep getting a bit confused between where I need to configure things - ie. MP Server, MP client, iMON, or Harmony s/w.

Disrespective... could you tell me how you've set up your 'user interface', so I can copy?

eg. Watch TV controlls my TV, Media PC controls media portal, Listen to music controls my amp...

Oh - I'm also stuck with the VFD because I can't get a 'plugin' button to show up when I bring up the iMON frontview.  If I can get that plugin button to show up, I'm pretty sure I can get the VFD to play nicely with MP so I dont have to turn on the TV to listen to music.

I'm starting to understand the many references to countless hours of HTPC setup.

Thanks man (or mannette - you never know)

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Master Geek

  # 165503 18-Sep-2008 22:37
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Well, for the benefit of anyone with the same 'no plugin option in iMON' problem as me, I'm continuing the conversation on the MediaPortal forum...

Long story short:
 1] unplug your VFD, and youl see the plugin option in iMON (not that that really helps you at all)
 2] There is a suggestion that VFD+MP will only work with older LC-16M cases (older VFD firmware).

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Uber Geek

  # 165584 19-Sep-2008 09:59
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I’m not sure I can remember off the top of my head everything but I’ll give it a shot.


I have set up Activities to do the following:

Watch TV

Listen to radio

Listen to CD’s

Play Wii

Play Xbox360


To watch TV:          The TV is set to On

                                The TV is set to HDMI input

                                The Amp is set to On

                                The Amp is set to HTPC input

All other equipment is set to off

                                The Media center is always on so nothing gets changed here. I could set it to sleep if I wanted to but it’s just easier to not for me right now.


The watch TV activity lets me watch TV, play DVD’s, Listen to online radio, Watch Movies (everything that Mediaportal can do)


I have the keys on the remote set to pretty much the defaults that Mediaportal takes except I set shortcuts to the Watch TV, Watch Movies, Listen to Music and Weather options to the Teletext coloured buttons using the Mykeys application for mediaportal. My TV is activated by the Blue, My Movies is activated by the Red, My Music is activated by the Green, Weather is the Yellow. I also changed the default config of keys that appear on the LCD screen to be the ones I use more frequently.


There are small problems with this as I have the HDMI output of the amp set to be a 5.1 signal but when I want to listen to music through mediaportal I have to then change the output to 2.1 using an LCD button I set up. Not ideal but it’s a better setup than having a Listen to Music activity that has a random button press delayed until a few seconds after all the other steps in the process. I’d be far too likely to move the remote away from the screen and then not get the keypress sent and negate the whole point. It’s just easier to use my green hotkey after I press watch TV. That way I’m guaranteed to get it.


I had to set the inter key delays in the Harmony software to be a little longer than default as I was having trouble with double key presses on the remote. I can’t remember exactly what the settings were but if you have trouble with slow or double key presses let me know and I’ll dig around the software and see what I can find.


Listen to Radio:       TV is set to off

                                Amp is set to Radio source

                                All other equipment is set to off (Except the HTPC as I’ve told the Harmony software to keep it on all the time)


Listen to CD’s:         TV is off

                                Amp is set to on

                                Amp is set to CD source

                                CD is set to on

                                All other equipment is set to off


Play Wii:   TV is set to on

                                TV is set to Wii source

                                Amp is set to on

                                Amp it set to Wii input

                                All other equipment is set to off


The Wii doesn’t have an iR receiver on it so I can’t control the Wii with the remote which is a bit of a shame but of well.


Play Xbox360:         TV is set to on

                                TV is set to Xbox360 source

                                Amp is set to on

                                Amp it set to Xbox360 input

                                Xbox360 is set to on

                                All other equipment is set to off

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Master Geek

  # 166095 21-Sep-2008 20:15
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Thanks Disrespective, when I figure out how to actually use all the info, I'll try and copy your setup.

Can I paste all that first malarky into a .ini or config file somwhere?

For all the folks struggling with the LC-16M VFD - I have found a solution!

I have great news... I've got it working!

I have a brand new (ie. latest firmware) LC-16M VFD working sweetly in MediaPortal.

Sadly, I also have bad news, but I think one of you braibboxes will sort that out. (the solution means I can't use remote).

1 - You can ignore the plugin option in iMON - it's a red herring.
2 - The answer lies in using a new plugin.
3 - I've just posted my findings HERE...


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Uber Geek

  # 166146 22-Sep-2008 07:46
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Edwood: Can I paste all that first malarky into a .ini or config file somwhere?
Heh, no idea why there was all the padding info up there but i've deleted it from the post. It wasn't relevant in any way to the solution.

You'll have to use the Harmony software to set up your remote as all the data is stored online regarding your setup as i understand it. That way you can't accidentally lose it/delete it.

If you run through the setup options when you add a new activity (after adding all your devices) it'll give you options about what to use in the activity and what not to use. I.e. what you tell it you're using in the activity it will invariably turn on and off when entering and exiting the activity respectively. If it's not to be used in the activity, Harmony will tell the remote to turn it off. You can change this for each device though. As i mentioned above, i leave my HTPC turned on all the time. I did this by telling the Harmony software to leave it on all the time.

Good to hear that you got the VFD working. It makes quite a bit of difference to the experience being able to see how much is left of a movie you're watching or quickly checking what channel you're on.

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Uber Geek

  # 166200 22-Sep-2008 11:01
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To get the harmony to emulate the IR signals of the iPAD remote, the best setup files for harmony in the logitech configuration program is Media PC -> Silverstone -> LC20 Case. The timings are not perfect but that is the closest match i was able to achieve.

HTPC / Home automation (home assistant) enthusiast.

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