Hi learned Geeks.

Looking at buying either the popcorn hour A110 or TViX 6500 with T431 DVB-T tuner. It seems that the popcorn hour is popular in NZ: price?

From my trawling of the forums over the last 24hrs, I have come to the conclusion that the TViX is the better device but more expensive.

At todays exchange rate the popcorn hour is aprox $440 landed in NZ, and TViX NZ is selling the TViX with freeview HD tuner (T431?) at an introductory price of $799.

I don't need the internet functionality of the popcorn hour, and it doesn't have a tuner. It appears that the TViX GUI is more responsive and it has the edge on supported codecs esp for BD backups. I wish to backup all my DVDs to this, and also reconvert my CD collection to a higher bitrate MP3 or lossless. I also have a few Xvids etc, no HD material yet. Also Taranaki has no Freeview HD yet, so the tuner would be a bit of future proofing.

The NZ distributor is selling the TViX with a firmware that is supposed to work with NZ freeview-HD transmissions. Is anyone doing this any other way?

Is anyone using OpenTViX firmware to run other apps such as a better GUI like YAMJ?

I have a DVB-S Topfield TF6000 PVR. will either device play the .rec files without conversion?

Any opinions on popcorn hour A110 vs TViX 6500 would be welcomed.

Regards, Allen.