I'm looking into using coax for some longer runs of analogue component video and subwoofer signals.

Quick investigation suggests RG59 is definitely the way to go for video signals, something about it's particular shielding doing more than RG6 at the higher frequency ranges used for video signals??

Are there any preferences (RG6 vs RG59) for a subwoofer cable, which I guess is naturally lower frequency signals?

Only other consideration is RG59 is less rigid, so can suit certain bends better etc. 
And then there's the dual/quad shielding aspect.

I'm looking at fairly good quality cable with either option, with good solid core and good insualtion/shielding and some direct coax to RCA crimp connectors.  http://www.leema.co.nz/connectors.html 
Distances don't need to be too long really, sub might be the biggest run, but really think I can make a good or better cable for a lot less money than buying a commercial one.

Cheers for your input.