Hey guys,

For some time, my wife and I have been using an XP media Center PC as our entertainment hub. We have an analogue tuner card and I hacked together a guide using XMLTVNZ, Bladerunner etc. As we're totally blind, we put screen reading software on it, and it's worked great since we have a completely accessible DVR with about 1TB of storage, so all our music/video is at our fingertips. Options like MySky aren't practical for us as I've not found a way of accessing its output.

We've just moved to Wellington and it's time to upgrade. I'm looking at the dual satellite and terrestrial solution to get the best quality while retaining the guide, and will install the Windows 7 beta.

While I am used to putting PCs together and getting them configured, there are some accessibility issues with parts of media Center's setup, not to mention that I can't verify that the picture is working.

So...can anyone recommend a Wellington-based company/individual who knows what they are doing in terms of making a PC the hub of a home theatre/entertainment system when it comes to getting Freeview up and running?

Of course if anyone in Wellington wants to tackle this project in exchange for a few cases of your favourite beverage, PM me!

Cheers and thanks in advance for any advice.