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I have just set up a PC with MP TVServer and 2x Nova-S Plus cards.
Everything is working great, can stream TV to network clients and view and schedule recordings etc.

The problem is that the EPG is behind by 3 hours.
EG:  TV One Midday news is showing at 3pm today instead of 12pm.

I have checked the time and time zone and done an EPG refresh a couple of times but has made no difference.
Where else should I be looking?



Well I was wrong!
Just looking at the EPG and it is in fact 21 hours ahead of where it should be!
Only noticed as today is showing Saturdays programs and the Saturday 6PM News is showing at 9pm on Friday night!

How would this be happening?

2nd Update:

I fixed it!
I manually went into the SQL database and deleted all program guide entries, restarted the TVServer service and refreshed the EPG and it is all OK now.