Hi All,

Just wanting some guidance on "media extenders" etc.
I currently have the below setup - I'll describe the pic then I will ask the big question.

In Office I have an HP ML350 server connected to a samsung lcd screen - this is new and I have not loaded anything onto this except IIS to publish websites and Windows 2003 R2.

In Bedroom I have a laptop connected to a sony bravia 32". OS = Vista Ultimate. Its a Toshiba p20 so plenty of grunt for media apps.

In the Lounge I have an HP desktop (OS = Vista Ultimate) that has been worked with a top graphics card, processor etc. This is connected to my Yamaha receiver and some lovely B&W speakers - 5.1 config. This desktop has 2x 2TB sets of disks (total 4Tb). 2Tb is for Videos only that I have ripped into .AVI format. the other 2TB is my iTunes library of MP3s etc. It is also connected to a 43" Pioneer plasma.

All three rooms are connected via 802.11G Linksys ADSL wireless doodacky giving an average of 54MBps to all computers/servers/laptops.

Currently to watch a video in the Lounge - I will browse to the .AVI file that I want to watch - and I double click it and watch it via VLC Media player.

If I want to watch a video in the Bedroom, either copy the .AVI file to a portable USB stick and run that from the laptop - or I browse to the shared folder on the Lounge PC and run the Video from there.

The big question would be - how can I make this easier?

The videos are sitting there on the drives, are there any applications out there that I could run in all 3 locations to watch a video immediately? Perhaps even a remote that I can use throughout the house?

I run iTunes in the Lounge and using my iPhone I have an application called "Remote" which is wirelessly connected to my iTunes Library - which enables me to walk around the house and control my music.

I see there are heaps of media extender systems available - Linksys, DLINK, XBOX etc.

What is everyone else using? What does everyone recommend?

I'd be happy to lose the laptop in the bedroom and have some small box plugged into my Sony instead that will enable us to watch movies!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can share their thoughts.

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