Our 4 year old Panny 42" TH-42PV30 has been intermittently shutting itself down and giving the following error code via the power LED: 4 short red flashes, followed by 1 long red flash, then it repeats. The problem started many months ago, and has progressed to the point where it happens consistently. Would appreciate any suggestions or experiences from others with this problem and what it ended up costing. Have dropped it into Panasonic Auckland, and they say at least 10 working days before they will look at it. Having paid around $5.5k for this non-HDMI equipped boat anchor back when it was new, there's a fair amount of buyers remorse there now, especially if they want megabucks to fix it. Seriously thinking about rushing out and buying a TH-50PY800 while they're on phase out. Anyone know if there are still any around at $2750 as mentioned a few weeks ago here? Don't need the PZ850 as I have Sky HDi and Vantage Freeview PVR.