Hi All

I have a SONY RDR-HX720 HDD-DVD recorder. In the past, I have been able to burn programmes recorded to the HDD onto a DVD without problem. On Tuesday, I recorded a programme that was stored on my MySky HDi unit to the hard drive of the DVD recorder, edited out the adverts, and tried to burn it to a DVD-R.

Upon doing so, the DVD Recorder warned me that the programmes carry DRM (I forget the actual term it used) and that if I copy the programme to a disk it will be deleted from the HDD. I clicked okay to this and it then told me that it couldn't burn it to the type of disc I had inserted, and to use a DVD-RW in VR format instead.

That being the case, I went to Dick Smiths and bought a blank DVD-RW, checked the menu of the DVD recorder to make sure that the format was set to 'VR' and inserted the disc, which it promptly formatted. I then went through the same motions as before, and it gave me the same message about the DRM and the fact that it would erase the programme from the HDD, but when I clicked okay it still said it could only copy the programme to a DVD-RW in VR format, even though this is exactly what was in the drive.

Has anybody else struck this? I am guessing the DRM is being implemented over Sky by TVNZ - I have no issue with that but only if it works as explained on screen - i.e. copy to DVD, lose the HDD copy. But I get the feeling that even this is being over-ridden by over-zealous DRM.

Any ideas?