This summer we will be replacing our flat pitched roof. Currently have no roof cavity which means no insulation, no way of doing any sort of wiring etc.

I want to use this chance to wire the house with Cat5e to the 3 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and garage.

At the moment I have the following input devices:
-  myskyhdi and normal sky digital (2nd room)
- Bluray player
- shuttle pc

- lounge has a sony lcd and a projector
- bedrooms have their own tvs (which curretly use 2.4ghz a/v wireless sender from 2nd sky decoder to all the rooms)

Is there a device that allows multiple inputs and multiple outputs e.g connect all myskyhdi,bluray etc which allows people in different rooms to watch different things?

Current thinking is to wire 2 internet cables per room and a third one that does av.