I have a Windows 7 computer which I use as a Windows Media Center.  I am using an XBOX 360 as a Windows Media Extender.

When I use Windows built-in firewall, it will automatically configure all firewall rules required to allow the communication between the two to work.

I am wishing to use my third-party software firewall (Eset Smart Security) on my Windows Media Center computer.  I have followed all instructions from the Microsoft support site to manually configure appropriate rules.  All expected functions are now working as intended.

However, the documentation I have found on the Microsoft site does not explain the process of creating firewall rules to allow the Wake on Lan (I believe this is what im looking for) feature to function on the Windows Media Center.  This is to allow the Windows Media Extender to wake the Windows Media Center PC from a standby state when the extender is turned on.

Does anyone know how to correctly configure Eset Smart Security to achieve this? Disabling Eset Smart Security, or using the Windows 7 firewall exclusively allows the XBOX 360 to wake my Windows Media Center from a standby state.

I have so far configured Eset to allow though a number of ports apparently used for WoL, as well as allowing all TCP and UDP traffic to the media center in testing.  still not working.