I've just upgraded to MediaPortal 1.1 and have been struggling to configure a few things...  This post is about power scheudler.

Kiiwijunglist: You may find TV Server puts the computer to sleep when you are doing other things outside MP, eg surfing the net or watching a movie in an external player.  To prevent this you can either, disable the put computer to sleep function of TV Server-Powersheduler or you can add iexplore.exe etc. to the "processes that prevent standby" list.

No kidding! In all my testing I have PowerScheduler set to suspend after 2 mins.  Unfortunately, Power Scheduler does not detect any of my activity - in, or out of MediaPortal.  I'm constantly getting 'suspended'.

I finally set up the client plugin, and i've tried all sorts of combinations...

Of course, I can create an exception for firefox (or create my own DontSuspend process), or I could leave SetupTV running... but none of those are really elegant.

I want to be able to lie in bed, finish watching a tv show, and just know that MP will shutdown after a while, and turn itself on again if/when there is something that needs recording.

My ideal solution would be to let Windows manage the suspend / shutdown, and just get MP to start up to record stuff... sadly the PowerScheduler plugin only works when it is responsible for shutdown & startup.

Note: When I say shutdown, I'm using it as a generic term for suspend / hibernate / etc.

Anyway, I'll post on the MP forum if / when I can be bothered... I just thought kiwijunglist post (here) was worthy of a reply.