Hi There,

just wondering if anyone has this card (AVerMedia Satellite Trinity) and is using mediaportal?


Basically I am considering this card for a couple of reasons.
I already have a HVR-4000 that is a hybrid but I need another hybrid card that is PCI-E compatible.
Why? While at the moment I am not in an area where DVB-T signals are received I may eventually move and having 2 tuners capable of DVB-T (while I need 2 DVB-S cards now) would be handy.

This card intrigues me because of this statement:

Thanks to the latest AVer MediaCenter, AVerTV Satellite Trinity can even support up to 1080i high definition DVB-S / DVB-T programs with H.264 or MPEG-2 formats. Furthermore, its dual-mode function allows you to watch or record DVB-S and analog TV (or DVB-T) at the same time.

It's meant to work with AVer MediaCentre, but has anyone tried this functionality with MediaPortal?

I guess that instead of configuring the DVB-S, DVB-T and analog parts as one hybrid card you would configure the DVB-S as a separate card from the hybrid DVB-T/analog?

Has anyone tried this and has it worked?
Also, can anyone comment on the general performance of the card in mediaportal?



P.S. I know blackgold have a new dual DVB-T and DVB-S tuner (BGT3595) coming out soon but it will likely cost $350-$400 and I'm looking at cutting costs.