Hope this is the most suitable category for my query...

I want to try and fix my Logitech X-220 speaker/subwoofer set that has one speaker that's not working. The rest works beautifully. I called Logitech support and they said opening the speaker panel would be non-advisable as it is glued, so there's no guarantee of it being able to be put back together. (How marvellous...)

What do YOU think, am I able to 'amputate' the mute speaker (leaving the cord of course) and replace it with a functioning similar speaker of the same wattage and just reconnect the cables? Just like with a home stereo system, connecting the copper thread bits. Logitech support reassured me that cutting the chord of the non-functioning speaker would not affect the rest of the speakers, so I could do trials with it without ruining the whole set as long as I didn't let the white & red cord bits touch each other.

I'd hate to lose this set just because of one speaker. Any suggestions welcome :-)