A tricky set of keywords to search for so I really have no idea if this has been discussed recently, apologies if it has.

So ... for the last few years I have been happily using a Sony HT-K25 as the 5.1 channel output for various devices, including my PC. Its form factor is perfect for sitting atop my desk but sadly it has now run into some power issues which I fear I will not be able to resolve.

This puts me in the position of finding a replacement and I'm struggling to find a compact unit that won't over-fill the space left by the HT-K25. My sound-card outputs DTS Connect (real-time 5.1 DTS encoding) which is great for games and it will s/pdif-pass-through any AC3 content so only want to go to a connect-6-jacks solution as a last resort.

Can anyone recommend a SFF 5.1 receiver?