Just a quick note as this one caught me...

I replaced a 750G drive with a new WD 1Tb "advanced format drive". The drive came with a sticky label on the static bag "Windows XP users set jumper 7-8, all other OS drive is ready to use".

So I went for it happily, restoring my Paragon Drive Backup Vista image onto the new disk. However, just leaving it at this is BAD with an advanced format drive. After an image restore, the disk partition will be misaligned, with negative performance consequences. Possibly quite nasty consequences.

Solution is to run the WD Align utility on the restored partition.

Technical data here. The text that should have been on the sticky label on the static bag can be seen on the actual drive label on page 2 of this article.

"Windows XP, multi partition and cloning software users use WD Align software..."