Cry Hi... I am the newbie owner of a Dreambox 500S from China. It came with a lot of Western European/Atlantic/American satellites listed in its files and we live in New Zealand, in the Asian/Oceania region. Our satellites "visible" to us from our area would, very roughly speaking, range from 120E to 185E. We have tried to install a local region (120E-185E and, particularly. Optus D1 and D2. No matter what we do, we can't seem to eliminate the European or Atlantic Satellite files even gtting into the various Linux files and deleiting them from wherever we find them. They just won't delete, mainly we guess (?) its because of the Linux read/write permissions set for the root user in Linux or is it because we haven't found the directory or folder the actual master file is located in? We need to eliminate the european/Atlantic/American files just to get rid of the nuisance value of wading through endless satellite and transponder listings trying to set up for our own region's satellite list.

Secondly, how and where do you copy and place the satellite files copied by our FTP efforts and what format or file extension should the satellite file be in? Where could we obtain the requisite satellite files containing a listing for only our part of the earth sphere?
Kind regards, Robert ZL2ROB