I tried channel matching and it worked great on the broadcast channels (thanks 4ga) ("forger?") but there are no channel numbers that I can see in the epg.sml file -- just a code :

<channel id="X0423">



and then down the line, X0423 gets attached to a show:

- <programme start="20100426203000 +0000" stop="20100426213000 +0000" channel="X0423" clumpidx="0/1">

  <title lang="en">Sugar Mummies</title>

  <desc lang="en">For older successful women it seems an obvious choice to have a younger trophy boyfriend in his sexual prime, but what's in it for the men?</desc>

  <category lang="en">Education</category>

- <video>



- <audio>




and then further down the line (and out of sight at the moment) X0423 presumably gets mapped to channel "70" with WMC guide  -- Does anyone know where/how this happens? and what I can do change the map?

I've heard (perhaps here) that SKY tv in NZ is being very propriatary about it's EPG - I'm not sure if that plays a part in this dilema or not, but it's all the SKY channels that are affected.

I may try to global edit and replace X0423 with 70, but I'm pretty sure we all know what the result will be.

Thanks in advance,

              - Deck