DVBLink TVSource, supporting EPG retrieval from the stream, is available for public beta!

Please note that at the moment only parsing of EIT packets is implemented (e.g. no OpenTV or MediaHighway EPG support).

It only works with DVBLink Server v3.0 or higher!

Installation is done in the usual way via msi file. In case of upgrade from the already installed version 3.x, use enclosed bat file.

Launch DVBLink Server configuration application. Select one of the TVSource instances and launch its configuration dialog. You should notice the new EPG Scan tab. This scan lists all installed EPG scanning plugins (at the moment only EIT parser is available). The following things can be configured per plugin:

- Default scan preset. Defines the set of transponders to be scanned for the presence of EPG data. Possible values: none (no transponders), transponders with mapped channels (only those transponders having channels mapped to be used in MediaCenter), known transponders (transponders having scanned channels) and all transponders. Default value is “transponders with mapped channels” and it is advised to use unless you know what you are doing.

- Additional transponders to scan. This grid allows user to add transponders to the set of transponders, defined by default scanning preset. Might be useful if EPG is sent on some transponder that has no scanned or mapped channels.

You may test the EPG scanning by pressing Scan button. Depending on the number of transponders and actually delivered EPG data scan may take between 1 and 10 minutes. You need to do the scan at least once (either from configuration dialog manually or wait until it will happen automatically) to be able to map the EPG channels.

Once scanned epg data is available, go to Server Configuration -> EPG Sources tab. Select your TVSource instance in the EPG Sources combobox on the top-right and map the channels in a usual way.
Value Stream in EPG source column is not used anymore in this version of DVBLink TVSource!

Download: DVBLink TV Source Beta | DVBLink Forum