Just announced - http://thinkflood.com/products/redeye-pro

I just bought the standard RedEye unit about 2 weeks ago and have it all setup and running pretty well. It is great for turning a number of devices on/off with one click. I still find the MySky remote easier to use than trying to navigate around my ITouch screen but I guess I am just used to the old remote.

I am thinking seriously about getting an IPad (2?) as this will give a much nice interface. Their support have said they are working on getting the channel guide stuff working for NZ but I would imagine it could be a fair wait - they have just released it for the UK and are apparently working on Scandanvia currently.

However they are working on an Android version of the software, and I would imagine that would include Honeycomb - so it might be worth waiting and getting a cheaper Android tablet...

There was a software update recently, to coincide with the release of the Pro - alot of people on the support forums are complaining of bricked devices and all sorts of problems. I must have been one of the lucky ones as it updated fine (although took quite a while to restart and show up in my room list).