Does anyone know if there is a way to get an rtsp stream to play on a PS3?

The closest I have come after a lot of internet research is to use PS3 Media Server. To do this you have to make a manual entry in the PS3MS web.conf file specifying the url of the videostream you want to show on the PS3. I have tried this but it does not seem to work, I just get a blank screen when I try to open the stream. 

My entry in web.conf looks like this :


can anybody tell me if this is correct? I can't find any detailed instructions on the correct syntax for this file. I have also tried:


Just if you are interested I was trying to get nine digital to show in the livingroom as the cricket was on. OS is Win7. PS3MS works well in all other ways and the stream is definitely fine as I can open it in VLC on another PC on my home network. ( i guess when you get down to it I was trying to use the PS3 as a front end for MediaPortal)

I wont be too annoyed if this can't be done, It's just that I got so close and it seems like it should be possible.