Hello! wow - such a variety of people - love the connections here!

I'm not a certified MCSC person - or anywhere near being certified, but I'm not afraid of computers and am usually the one who can figure out any program I get my hands on.

My philosophy is that we are given to much information (overload) + lazy people = Duh!

If I can't figure it out on my own -I READ the instructions! (e.g., Help button). Usually, it will offer a solution, or at best, close to the solution. That's all I really do.

But others (around me) choose to ask me for the answer instead. whatever! (lazy)

I think I've finally been stumped with the question BELOW- which is why I came here!

If ANYONE can help me with this one, I'd be a better person! :-)

"when in doubt, turn to the experts"



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