I have an older Asus z83C series computer which I love and works quite well still.  It came with Vista which I hated.  I have got rid of it and now have Windows 7 which I love.  However, my webcam is now not working.

I did the misconfig thingy - Problem devices   - and it came back

Base Device               -  Base System Device - PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_0592&SU     Drivers not installed
Base Device               -  Base System Device - PCI\VEN 1137 &DEV_0843 & SU   Drivers not installed
Multimedia Controller  -  PCI\VEN 1131 & Dev_7133 & SU
SUB2.0                      -  USB\BID_174F & P10_A311\5&2E

I think something happened when Windows 7 was put on this computer.  What do I do now.  Do I just have to buy a driver for a new webcam?  If so, when, how etc.

Many thanks