I am the reasonably happy owner of a new acer 5920G (refer recent post). It is a great improvement over my old acer aspire but there are a couple of really annoying things with it.

On the right hand side of the keyboard there are dvd buttons (play/stop/rewind/ff (all lit up) and a round record key. If you touch them they bring up dvd playing or recording software. The record key is right next to the cursor keys. I use them a lot. I key drifting over the record key and it keeps bringing up the NTI software.

Does anyone know how to switch this shortcut off? It is doing my box in!!!

Also for a laptop it likes a lot of illuminated lights. I would like to turn these off (esp the DVD shortcut keys) as they must be wasting power and distract your eyes from the screen. Does anyone know how?