Hey all,


I work in the gaming industry and am currently using Macbook air (laptop and desktop), due to a recent upgrade we need to upgrade to a windows computer as our new software is incompatible with Mac.


So I'm looking for suggestions for a windows laptop either secondhand from trademe Budget ($900) or new from retailers ($1800).


Laptop is not going to be used to play games other than Facebook games but the main feature of the laptop will be editing gaming videos from PS3 and PS4, live streaming with Elgato HD to youtube, transferring files from and to ps3 and ps4 (this is the main reason for the upgrade as our software is only compatible with windows applications to transfer files) and general web browsing, where ill have multiple tabs open and switching between each tabs.


Im not fussy with the screen size, as long as the laptop is powerful and gets the job done Im good with that.




So any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.