Thinking about buying one now I got rid of my MSI.


Clearly the QHD OLED EDR (HDR basically) touch panel is the big news here, easily the best panel on any notebook on the market.


i7-7700hq (doesnt look like the 8th gen is happening in a hurry)


16GB Ram (single stick so can upgrade to 32GB when needed).


1TB NVME drive




Killer wifi and bluetooth.


Id prefer the option of a gtx1080 to run such a beast of a screen, but the gtx1060 should handle QHD quite well for most games at this point, and in a couple years when it cant Im likely selling anyway or Ill just add an 11 series GPU via the AW EGPU.


Everyone I read about is blown away by the screen, so interested to hear some kiwi thoughts on it. Im blown away by the upgradeability in a market where nearly everything is soldered on.


It runs cool even under stress test, absolutely fantastic industrial design on the thermals.


Down side being a 10 series GPU, battery life is awful at 2-3 hours web surfing.


I got Dell down to $3k, but waiting for Easter to see if they chuck the preconfigured machine on special then Ill hit them up for another 10%.