Dell Vostro 1200, Win XP Pro SP3. This has an ExpressCard 54/34 slot - no PCMCIA nor CardBus slot.

Like to do a supplementary archival backup direct to Seagate Scorpion 24 STD624000N DDS-3 DAT drive w. SCSI-2 interface. Backup software is Retrospect Pro 7.6 for Windows.

Purchased a Ratoc US2CX USB 2.0 to UltraSCSI converter from  Seems to work OK, Retrospect reports backup+compare speed to the DAT drive about 30MB/min. EMC Insignia say they do not support the use of standalone adapters, see

An alternative to USB might be using Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480B with DuelAdapter [stet] ExpressCard 34 to PCMCIA PC Card and CardBus Read-writer. Haven't tried that.