This is a response to user's jvorback's question regarding SATA HDD Driver for Tecra M9 way back in '07

I found this driver in toshiba website ACHI XP F6 Install Tool for Windows XP It works on most Toshiba laptops and Desktops including M9. here is another link just in case

From jvorback

Our company has recently changed to the Tecra M9 as its standard notebook. This apparently has a new SATA set-up that's different from previous Tecras. It shipped with Windows Vista, but I want to install Win XP on it. As per previous models, I press F6 during the Windows set-up and put my existing Toshiba SATA floppy disk in a USB floppy drive. No good, blue screen of death requiring me to unplug and pull the battery out to start again.

OK, so I need a new SATA disk for this model to install during the Windows set-up. Can I find this software anywhere? No. It's not listed on any of Toshiba's sites around the world. Plenty of drivers for display, sound etc. but none for this. I tried asking 'Iris' (Toshiba's black, white and yellow, non demominal 'helper') but she wasn't very helpful, only letting me choose from a bunch of pre-existing questions that didn't contain any answer to this issue. Why Toshiba would make a major change to their HDD set-up, but not post a driver anywhere obvious, is beyond me. :-[

I'm really hoping that one of you guys could point me in the right direction before I knock myself out by hitting my head against a brick wall too many times!

Thanks heaps for your help,